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Welcome to Canaan Consulting a rapid growing human resources consultancy firm proving comprehensive HR services to businesses throughout Nigeria. From writing a fundamental human resources plan, to assisting in attracting and hiring the most qualified people, to structuring compensation and incentive plans to motivate and retain top employees. Canaan consulting is the one resources company needs to effectively manage the people side of your business

The personnel issues companies face in today’s business environment have become more and more complicated unforeseen problems with employees, expansion into foreign market, even the differing attitudes of a new generation of workers, can all have a tremendous impact on your company’s potential, not to mention the bottom line. Without knowledge advice to help manage these issues, problems can multiply quickly. Generating negative, financial, legal, operational and public relation reports, for companies that lack the time or on staff resources to successful deals with complexities of human resources, Canaan Consulting is the answer. We know how

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Against the backdrop of the ever changing business environs, the need for organization to be proactive and creatively inclined cannot be overemphasized. Ordinarily, the initial consideration is people; since it is personnel that determine the fortune of any organization. Successful organization therefore seeks a continuum for themselves and their membership. In doing this, an organization strive to secure the services of appropriate personnel and thereby ensure that the human capital function at its optimal level. The emphasis that Canaan Consulting places on the working place, as a productive centre peopled by able and enthusiastic workforce is well expresses in the range of services highlighted in this profile. Canaan Consulting is a fledging firm of a professional offering cost justifiable and result oriented services to its growing list of clientele towards an optimal result and performance.


Our greatest strength lies in our expertise. Our team of professional is multi-disciplinary, highly trained and with a vast experience of the Nigerian work environment.

We have our long list of clientele, private and public organization, multi companies, non-governmental organization and international agencies.

Our core objectives is to assist our clientele to achieve their diverse endeavours

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